Tips And Tricks

Nowadays, each one of us is lazy and too bored to do elaborate tasks which seem simple but ha, we’re still not going to do it. Hence, tips and tricks came into being! Now before you’ll go looking for genius life hacks below, let me remind you that I’m one of those lazy people too. Though I might just help you girls with a little something- How to nail the perfect late-in-the-evening coffee chilling look!

394685c0c2ef33d14a3d77e4f3694380 1. Your outfit: Since this is more of a casual affair, you’re not expected to look all dressy. Fitted jeans, pretty top or a shirt, paired with some ballet flats or good sandals and a scarf, or even a cute dress is something that would be perfect for this outing. You want to look great but make sure you don’t over-do it at the same time that it looks like you’re going for a party.


2. Your hair: Braids literally go with every outfit. If you are looking for a not-so-complicated DIY braids video, I’ll save you the time, just click here. You’re welcome. In case you’re planning to leave those luscious locks open, I suggest you go for beach wave curls. They’re simple and at the same time very chic!

emma stone red carpet make up looks  4

3. Your make-up: No, this is not a party. So I suggest you keep your blood red lipstick away. Let your make-up be natural and subtle. Start off with a concealer for the base, eyeliner and kohl to make your eyes pop, little bit of blush and end it with a nude lipstick and voila! You’re all set to go!


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