My Home, The Night

The sun whispers out a goodbye as it creeps away. The darkness slowly engulfs me. The stars come out and wink at me. The moon glows like a single source of light in a pitch black cave. And as the night greets me like an old friend, I finally feel at home.


No, I’m not depressed and no, I’m not an emo. I’m simply in love with the night. And no I don’t hate the mornings. But then, I never said anything about loving them also. 😉

The day lingers on as I wait for the night to approach me. The night is where I truly am myself. I feel like I finally belong somewhere.

Night is the time where I can let my imagination run wild. I can paint the black skies with my thoughts. I don’t need to be a caring friend or an obedient daughter here. In fact, I don’t need to be anybody else here. Just myself.

The darkness or the cold don’t scare me. The cold breeze calms me down. The stillness of the things around me, sets me at peace. And nor do I fear bumping into ghosts. :p

Well, lucky me that I have a room to myself at the top of a tall building. All I have to do is sit down on the window sill, look up at the starry night sky and smile. I sit there for hours and hours. Trust me, I do. And of course, plugging in ear phones and playing music brings in a whole new level of joy to my heart.

This is the place I can think. Or actually, think straight as I’m so naïve. To be honest, this is the time when I turn my thoughts into words. And then drift off to my fantasy world by sleeping! :p

But, the fact that we usually forget to take in the beauty of the night disappoints me. Are we really too busy to take out time and pop our heads outside our windows? Peep through the window tonight. You shall realize that not only the dawn, but the dusk is also a sight to see.


The world is a beautiful place. All we have to do is stop, open our eyes and take in the beauty it has to offer. Grasp it now before it flies off. ‘Cause you never know when it might get stolen away from you, right? This makes me realize, that sometimes, Life isn’t such a bitch. 😉

P.S – This was a special one for my best friend. We both are madly in love with the Night. You can check her blog here.


2 thoughts on “My Home, The Night

  1. This one’s the best so far jess !
    You’re a talented soul !
    I love the night too….
    A Morning is beautiful as it brings new hopes for a new day…
    But nights are like the mom’s lap…where we wanna get back to..recline..n find some peace..

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