Phones Or No Phones?

What do you do in your free time?

The most common answers are text people, play a game, listen to music, call a friend and surf through the net. And of course, the device used to carry out all these activities is a mobile phone.

A phone has become an important device in today’s generation. Name something you want to do and *ta-da*, your phone can do it all! Gone are the times when people used to write letters to communicate, and would eagerly wait for days to travel and meet a person who resides on the other end of the city. But do you realize, the days when people used to interact more with the person living in their own house rather than the one across the seven seas have also been lost? And who else to blame than us?


Phones and technology have brought on gigantic and much needed change but it’s also altered us along with it. How exactly? Let me ask you a simple question. When was the last time you followed your heart into doing something the doesn’t required the help provided by technology? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Still not sure?

Since I was a toddler, I’ve been pretty observant. I’ve always loved observing how things worked, how people thought and basically observing anything and everything around me. Every night, I used to sit for hours on my window-sill, just to witness a new world. A world where everyone is asleep and everything is quiet. It prevented my brains from blasting away and kept me sane. But guess what? The time I used for keeping my head clear of all the unnecessary bullshit has been replaced. And trust me, it isn’t good.


A cellular device isn’t always good for us. I’m not going to lecture you about how it harms our eyes and brains. Although, what about the harm it’s causing when it’s snatching away your free time you used for pursuing a hobby? 


You won’t believe me, I don’t even remember when I last looked out of the window. Everyday when I go for a small walk, the only thing that catches my eye is how everyone is typing away on their phones. Do they even happen to notice the person walking besides them?

Talking to one of my best friends made me think about all the things I’ve missed while I was too busy LOL-ing over a text sent to me. Haven’t we truly lost a part of ourselves amid the advancing technology?

Now you may ask, what shall be done? There’s a very simple solution.

  • Leave your phones for an hour at the least during the day.
  • Turn off all your electronic devices or put them on silent before sleeping.
  • Spend time with your family on gathering and trips. Give the damn phone a holiday as well!

And if you can’t do even one of these, then I hope you don’t get too lost to remember your way out of it. We tend to forget these devices were made to be controlled by us and not the other way round!

Life’s too short. You’ve gotta live while you still have the chance. Make the best of the moment. ‘Cause isn’t this what living is all about? 😉


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