Dreams. Dreams. Dreams.

What exactly are dreams? What is it that makes them so special? Do we always have fixed dream? I guess a flashback should help right now. So let’s get going!


Your friends and you are playing around with toys. You’re around 5 years old. As usual, you pick up your favourite action figurine (or barbie doll in case of girls). You play and play and play, pretending you’re the superhero. O how you so badly wanted to become like him when you grew up that you even got yourself designing different costumes with long capes!

Let’s go a teensy bit ahead now. Zooomm!

You’re celebrating your 10th birthday. You get a model airplane as one of the gifts. You’re glued to the airplane no matter what. Remember how adamant you were when you decided that now you wanted to become a pilot?

How about we go a few years more forward? Zoooommm!

Looks like you’re just a few months or a year away from going off to college. Just when someone asks you about what you’ve dreamt of becoming, why is it that it seem so tough to give one final confident answer? What is it that you keep thinking about and end up being confused than ever?

*Flashback ends*

So, thanks to the flashback, we’ve realized that our dreams are NEVER stable. We keep on jumping from one dream to another. Yet, we are unable to reach a final decision! This gets me wondering, will we ever be able to stick to one dream? Even if that one dream comes true, will we be truly satisfied?

My dreams were real crazy. They went from a superwoman to a doctor to what not! Now that I’ve got myself thinking, I wonder what is it that I wanna do in life? I got a few things in my mind but I can never pick one out and scrape out the others.

I wonder will I ever be utterly happy to follow that one dream? Will I be doing it for other’s sake? If so, then what is it that I wanna do for my own sake?

I believe we should carry on the dream that gives us satisfaction rather than others. Happiness rather than richness. ‘Cause at the end of the day, it’s us who have to live with it our whole lives. End up picking something you don’t like and then you realize that its too late to turn back around and change it.

Wait a second! That doesn’t mean you stop dreaming about all the other silly little things. What I mean to say is, get to know yourself better before you go planning your future. Pick out the dream you wanna chase. But the key is to never stop dreaming. Never forget that it’s your life and this decision is yours to make. Not your parents’ or your elders’. YOURS.


Keep this in mind and I’m sure you’ll end up fulfilling your dream, enjoying what you do and at the same time being happy and satisfied with what you do. Just one last tiny bit of advice – money is not what success is all about. Success is when you achieve something you wanted. Just like it’ll be when you’re dream isn’t your dream anymore, but your reality, your life.

Well there’s this poem I read a long time back which relates to my post. Here it is –


When I was just a little girl,
My dreams made up my entire world.
I would look at the stars and wish for the best,
Not caring that each day could be the last.
Now I’m older, more mature,
And wondering, do my dreams even matter anymore?
Even if my dreams come true, and I get my happy ending,
Would I really be happy, or would I just be pretending?
Sometimes I feel that all dreams are,
Is some other little girl wishing up at the stars.

– Katie Donaldson

So I’m gonna make a move and catch on with what I wanna do in life. Meet you’ll later! 🙂

P.S – Thank you so much Katie! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dreams

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  2. This is awesome ! I totally agree with u…your dreams are entirely yours & u strive to fulfill them. Live for ur dreams…not others !

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