Do they, or do they not?

Everyone seems to be waiting for some or the other miracle in life. Deep down in their hearts they wait and pray that somewhere somehow a spark will ignite and a miracle will take place. Of course we do know that the stakes are very low, yet we wish on a shooting star whenever given a chance.

From a tiny little thing called as hope, grows this HUGE tree with roots unimaginably deep into the ground, which leads us to believe in miracles. But a seed just doesn’t directly grow into a tree, right?

What started out as a hope, grows into a thing generally known as a ‘thought.’ And then this thought transforms and makes us believe that miracles do take place. Or does it trick us in believing that our miracles willΒ take place?

All in all, we think the unthinkable and for a tiny second, believe that maybe – just maybe – they might come true. And even though we don’t quite realize this, but slowly, our imaginations start becoming a part of us. They start defining us in their own way. They have a different meaning in their own way. But most of all, they start becoming more than our mere thoughts. We start living our lives anew with their presence.

Of course these thoughts mean nothing special to us, let alone be to others. But what we seem to overlook all the time is the hidden potential these thoughts have. The potential to make us survive through a hardcore rough day, with the belief in miracles. The potential to make us wait and wait and wait for a miracle to change our lives. However, little do we realize, these thoughts are exactly what miracles are.

Look at it in this way. Isn’t it a miracle altogether to believe in something so blindly even though we know the odds are not in our favor?

No, I’m not saying that miracles don’t happen. Miracles doΒ happen, just not the way we expect them to. Think about it, all the things around us are some sort of miracles. The growing tree, the books which bleed emotions without speaking a word, the thoughts that pop up into our heads – all of these are examples of miracles. We, ourselves are examples of miracles.


But if we truly want them to come true, sitting back and waiting seems to be doing no good, right? Why not take up the task, of making your miracles come true, in your own arms?

I’m gonna leave this thought hanging here. You take the train of thoughts from here while I go and catch up another train to fulfill my miracle. ‘Cause you just never know when you might miss the train, right? The Universe isn’t a wish-granting factory after-all. (Yes, that’s a line from The Fault In Our Stars) πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “Do they, or do they not?

  1. So this is officially the best one you’ve written so far- although you will definitely write more posts which will be better than this!

    So proud of you… πŸ˜€

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