Who Do I Admire?

Back when I had my oral examinations in school, we were asked to prepare some lines on ‘The Person I Admire The Most.’ So I started whacking my brains, but to my luck (which is practically none) nothing struck my mind. Somehow I managed to get a few decent sentences out of my mouth. Still, this has been troubling me since a while now. Who exactly do I admire?

You see, when people ask me who I idolize, my brain always decides to ditch me right then. I can’t think of a single person. No personality, no family member, no friends and not even my mom. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an amazing person, but I just don’t admire her in a way where I see myself to grow up and become like her.

So I put on my thinking cap and got to work. And guess what I found? Nothing! But I wouldn’t give up. I thought more and more. And this time, I did come up with something.

I just don’t think highly of someone ’cause I don’t want to become their clone. Think about it, why would you want to be an imprint of someone when you have a chance to develop yourself into a person that you’d like to be?

Of course we do honor people. But the truth is, you just want to adopt some of their great traits and never the person’s personality as  a whole. That’s the reason why when I was asked to present a name, I would always come up empty handed because there isn’t a single person I cherish on all counts.

No, I don’t mean it isn’t possible for a person to admire one wholly. And no, I’m also not indicating that it’s wrong and stupid to do so. This isn’t about self-admiration, but about being yourself. Be proud of who you are. But of course, you can’t count your wrong deeds as right just because you’re being yourself. You’ll have to change the bad in you at one point.

Once you accept yourself for who you are, you never know how many people might do the same for themselves just because you did it. Try it. There’s no harm in trying, right?

Inspire the uninspired and

Life shall inspire you.

So as simple as it is, I’m going to be my crazy self and try to out-weird people around me. (I’m being serious.) I think it’s really time to interact with more people like me. You know, the fangirling teenagers who are socially-awkward, weird and have the awesome talent of blogging? Off I go! 😉

These are my thoughts and weren’t meant to offend anyone. It’s purely your decision on what you want to do. Just a simple advice, never forget who you are and never lose a part of yourself to become someone you’re not. You’re just too precious for that!

Well, as you know, Life is going to move on, and maybe there’ll be someone who I might grow up to admire, right? 😉

Changing lives isn’t some sort of an easy task,

But if you do manage to make a Difference in someone’s life,

You are guaranteed to be Remembered and Credited for who they are Today.


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