An Ode To Autumn: Fads This Season

As October starts to begin, it brings along the beautiful autumn season with it. There’s absolutely nothing unlikable about this season. The weather is perfect (neither too cold, nor too hot) to take out those long sleeved shirts from the back of your closet, a pair of denim jeans and some bight colored canvas shoes. Not only does autumn include some stylish fashion fads, but it makes sure that food and lifestyle aren’t left behind. So here’s a list of some amazing fads this seasons.

elle_fall15trends_bigjewels1. Bling It: The season of the big sparkly feminine jewelry is back. Look out for the magnificent earring, brooches and what not!

sryv2p-l-610x610-shoes-black-instyle-boots-ankle+boots-boho+chic-long+prom+dresses-jeans-white-blue-fashion-fashion+finds-winter+boots-fall+outfits-indie-style2. Stomp: Chic black boots are back in style. Comfortable? Check. Sexy? Check. Ideal for long days outside? Check. What else does a girl need?

hbz-fw2015-trends-beauty-pinky-peach-ralph-lauren-bks-a-rf15-37323. Natural rush-of-blood-to-the-head look: Muted lips, eyes to spotlight, flushed cheeks in pink or peach making it feel natural is the look to go for this autumn. Go out for a walk in the crisp air and make all the heads turn.

braids-hairstyles-for-2014-winter-2015-hair-trends4. Return Of The Braids: More polished braids than the loose ones are back in trend. Hair clips, bands, barrettes, headbands have been seen accompanying these braids.

brinner_3221291b5. Brinner: We’ve mixed breakfast and lunch before, so why must dinner be left out? Hence, this autumn, we present to you – Brinners! Who said eggs and bacon should be limited to the start of the day?


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