Castle Of Wishes

I wished to again be a toddler,

But realized I’m better a little older.


I wished to climb the mountains tall,

But from the cliffs, I’d love to fall.


I wished on clouds I may lay,

But down on the ground I must stay.


I wished dreams wouldn’t let me fail,

But the world isn’t a fairy-tale.


I wished to be perfect in every task,

But perfect things never last.


I wished to go back in time,

But the future awaiting is always mine.


I wished like you I could be,

But I’m just glad to be me.


– Many-A-Dreams



8 thoughts on “Castle Of Wishes

  1. A very pretty poem. I really like it! When we grow up we lose the part of ourselves that believes that everything is wonderful and perfect. At some point in our lives we will wish to go back. This poem, to me, is about growing up and realizing reality. Nothing is perfect, no one can go back in time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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