A Few Last Memories

The days when I dress up in my uniform will be gone. My socks won’t be pulled up high and my shoes won’t stay in a neat knot. There will be no perfect plait in my hair. There will still be a bag on my shoulders but it won’t feel the same. My school, my school life, everything, seems to be vanishing now.


13 years spent at the school are passing away. I never knew these years would go by so fast that it’s already time for college. 

Providing knowledge and teaching us some life values is what school is basically for. But, look back and recollect. Is that all your school has given you? Is that where the contributions of your school end?

New friends made, new things learnt, new crushes developed, new places visited, new gossips heard and with a few fights and arguments here and there, school life’s one of the best things ever, isn’t it?

All the teasing, all the blushing at the sight of your crush, all the games, all the lame jokes, all the silly things, all the parties, all the classes that were bunked, all the ‘studying at the last moment’, all the preparations for school functions, all the homework that we copied, all of it seems to be slipping right out of our reach and we possibly can’t do a single thing about it.

Some teachers became our friends, some didn’t. Some teachers we loved being around, and some teachers… well, let’s just say we didn’t really want them near us. Some teachers were really scary. I remember being scared of a teacher just because she was really tall and huge! Leaving that aside, the tuitions we used to go will be remembered as well. The time spent at these places seems to be rushing past us now.

We met a few people who changed our lives without even they realizing it. We too must have changed lives unknowingly or knowingly.

School is a place everyone hated going to in the early years. I still can’t forget all the silly reasons I gave and the times I pretending to be sick to bunk school. Bad luck, that never worked on my mom. But, when I leave school this summer, I’m gonna take back some wonderful memories with me and stack it in the corner of my heart forever.


One day, when I come back to visit my school, the only thing on my mind will be about the time I spent here. Our voices will fill the corridors. There will be jokes and laughter in the air once again. The flashbacks of all the memories will begin and then, there will be no stopping the tears. The flashbacks won’t always consist of the good times but also the bad ones. Yet we’ll be happy to let it all come back to us. We have to forgive and forget someday, right?

I’m sure everyone does miss their school in some sort of way. ‘Cause it did make a difference in their lives one way or the other.

Still in school? Last year or not, enjoy it on all counts! Don’t miss out on even a single second.

Missing school? Why not send a quick text or simply ring up your long forgotten school mate? I’m pretty confident they’d love to meet you again no matter what your past beholds.

One thing to keep in mind is, it’s never too late. Go back and visit your old school. Have a reunion. Give it a try. ‘Cause you never know how Life plans to bring it all back to us, right? 😉


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