We meet different people with different personality and views almost everyday. Generally, we would appreciate the perspective of the other person. But, it’s not the same today. Everyone (including me) try to judge others even before we know their names. What do we judge them on? Simple – their looks, attitude, fame, money etc. We reach different conclusions about the personality of the person. But, what if that individual is not how you expected them to  be?

   Looking at a blonde, we presume she is dumb, a nerd isn’t fun-loving, the jocks are the boss and the list goes on. However, that’s not where it ends. Infact, we label them according to our judgments. It’s the truth fellas! C’mon, now don’t we all like to be friends with people who are cool?

   Two guys walking hand in hand are not always gays. They might be best friends or even brothers. And what if they were? How does it matter to us? You can’t deny the fact that at one point, we all have made fun of people by calling them ‘Gays.’ So technically, our judgments don’t actually make One Direction or Justin Bieber gay.

   These judgments, either made by us or about us, follow us no matter where we go. They haunt us or make us too proud to face the truth. We eventually end up believing they are true. What I’m trying to say is why can’t we just leave these judgments aside and move on with our lives? Why do they matter so much? Let’s try not judging people when we meet them next time. ‘Cause we never know what Life has planned for us ahead, right? 😉


4 thoughts on “Judgments

  1. Try as hard I might, I can’t not judge people. I mean I don’t make judgements about people and become sure they are facts but I think one can’t not judge someone in any way. Our brain almost compulsorily judges body language and mannerisms in some or the other way… At least mine does ;P

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